Forty-nine years have passed, but the war was not over yet. The Autobots restored Cybertron with the Artificial Cyber-Nucleic Acid. Optimus Prime joined the AllSpark. The age of the Primes had ended.

The Artificial CNA was not capable of powering Cybertron’s heavy energy requirements for long. The CNA-powered system collapsed shortly, once again beginning the quest for Energon. Galvatron never had the intention to declare peace. He needed time to reassemble his forces, which he had in plenty after Prime was gone.

The Well of All Sparks gave life to new transformers, and most of them were forced to join the Decepticons, and those who did not, were killed. Few of the new transformers objected Galvatron’s methods of ruling the planet and joined the Autobots.

Many Autobots came back to their home after it was restored. Galvatron had easy targets. Those who were not killed, once again fled to other planets, including Earth. While he remained on Earth, Ratchet had convinced the governments of the world to establish Autobot bases in their countries. The locations of these bases were kept classified and the only way in to and out of these bases was a Ground Bridge. All the Energon deposit on Earth was extracted and stored at these bases. The Autobots were safer on Earth than on any other planet.

No one knew this then, but when Optimus Prime had marked the end of the Primes, a new Prime was already living. Youngest, smallest of them all, this is the story of Adimus Prime- the Human Transformer.