​”Autobots, Roll Out!” was what he said. He was not Optimus Prime. He was a tiny, little transformer, standing five feet and ten inches on the ground. He was a human. He was Adimus Prime.

Forty-nine years after the battle of Optimus Prime and Unicron, the war was still not over. Cybertron was once again uninhabitable and the Autobots and the Decepticons were still fighting for Earth. The difference was that the former wanted to save the planet, while the later this time wanted to destroy it.

This story is about the last battle they fought. The battlefield was the highest mountain range on Earth, the Himalayas. On layers of thick ice, stood the heroes the world was not aware of. The battle was to protect the last remaining relic of the Primes on Earth, the Requiem Blaster. Buried deep inside one of the fourteen peaks of the Himalayas, the Requiem Blaster, created by Solus Prime herself, possessed the greatest powers ever known to be contained in a weapon. Capable of drawing energy from black holes, the weapon had powers enough to destroy planets. For eons this mighty weapon remained lost in the deep space. Later found by Megatron, this weapon was tried to be used against Optimus Prime. Unable to handle the weapon, and fearing that it would explode because of overheating, the Decepticons had to eject the weapon out of the Nemesis. Floating into deep space for another few million of years, the weapon was attracted by the gravitational pull of Unicron. With the formation of Earth around Unicron, the Requiem Blaster’s own gravity formed the Himalayan mountain range around it.

“Prime, watch out!”. A strong, powerful voice echoed across the valleys of the mighty mountains amidst the heavy gun firings. A member of the original Team Prime, and the bravest two-wheeler, she was Arcee. An Autobot soldier and now second-in-command to one of the three Autobot commanders, she was also an advisor to Prime, and above all, she was a friend who was present for the Team in the most difficult of times. “Ratchet!, Prime’s hit”. She said to Ratchet. “An EMP Burst in close proximity”.

“Can you see him?”, asked Smokescreen.

“I can.”, said Sideswipe.

“Can you hear me, Commander?”, asked Ratchet.

“Jet Fire!, we may require an emergency transport. Standby for link-up.” The Commander was worried. He had been in similar situation before. “Attention all units, this is Ulta Magnus. Prime is down. Jet Fire in route.”

There was a sudden sense of fear instilled in the them. The fear of loosing their leader at a time they needed him the most. The fear of loosing Earth, like Cybertron. All of them saw the Prime falling 20,000 feet deep into the valley of the mighty mountains. Even if his armour survived the electro-magnetic pulse burst, it was difficult to survive the fall.

 “Spotted Prime!”, Jet Fire announced on the com-link. “He is not moving. Ratchet, do you have the vital scans?”.

“Scans show normal, but they won’t for long. He is not breathing”. Ratchet had spent five decades learning and researching on the functioning of the human body. He spent all these years trying to improve the health services on Earth. He assisted hundreds of doctors in medicine technology research. Yet he was never able to bring back a person from death. He had experienced the loss of a friend before. He didn’t want that to happen again. “Jet Fire, take a closer look.”.

Jet Fire shut his engines and let gravity take control. At a height of 19,000 feet and in middle of heavy gunfire, it was not possible, even for him to fly down the valley. So he let fate decide for him. Once a Decepticon, Jet Fire was one of the first transformers to defect from them on Cybertron. On joining the Autobots, he portrayed his bravery, powers, and intelligence whenever required. Over the next few million of years, he rose up in the Autobot ranks, from a scout to a leader. Second-in-command to Optimus Prime for Aerial Combat and Intergalactic Operations, and later to Adimus Prime, he was one of the few transformers in the Autobots who were capable of flying. On escaping the gunfire and reaching just above the fallen Prime, he started his engines. The roar of his engines was distinguished even in the noises of the battle. “I need Arcee down here. Opening ground-bridge”. Arcee was the smallest of them all, and thus was in a better position to inspect him. Arcee entered the ground-bridge just after she shot a Decepticon Trooper in his spark. Another Decepticon made a failed attempt to follow her into the ground-bridge.

“Prime?!” She was scared while she held him, trying to open up the Armour. “Adimus!, wake up, please, please!”.

“Arcee, did the amour survive?”. Ratchet asked. He wanted to send an electrical charge into the armour, trying to wake him up by giving him a shock.

“I do not see a physical damage.”, she said with a sigh of relief.

“This means he is safe”, Jet Fire said.

“Let us hope there isn’t an internal damage. I am giving him a shock”.

“Ratchet!, the Matrix lit up”. Arcee regained hope. She wanted him to be safe. The war had took away enough of her partners. She was in no way letting it take one more. “Are you okay kid?”

With a sudden flow of electric current through his body, he came out of the sleep. With a strong pain in his head, he looked at Arcee and Jet Fire, confused, and replied, “I am okay”, and looked up at the ongoing battle in the sky. Sitting up, holding Arcee’s hand with his for support, he said, “It feels like I was asleep for decades”.